Alan Johnson

Actor • Spokesperson • Comedy Juggler

Alan Johnson • Comedy Juggler Extraordinaire!

Segment Highlights* (Performance length can be 15 minutes up to 1 hour)


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1. An excellent 3‑ball routine as well as 4 and 5 balls with a little help from the audience. He ends this routine with the incredibly difficult head balance and rolls.

2. The Chinese Devil Stick. This is a large stick which is manipulated from side to side by two smaller hand sticks. It’s a very popular routine because many people have never seen this type of juggling. Alan also uses this routine for some very funny audience participation.

3. A 3‑club routine which includes many difficult tricks including continuous behind the back throws with both hands. Here again, audience participation plays an important and humorous part.

4. Juggling and eating the apple at the same time. People may have seen jugglers eat the apple before, but Alan adds some one‑of‑a‑kind patter which makes it hilarious and brand new.

5. A very fine cigar box routine. He does the 3‑box manipulation as well as the amazing 11‑box balance made famous by W.C. Fields. Product names/logos/slogans or Bible verses can be incorporated here.

6. He has quite a unique routine where he does juggling impressions. It starts with a few balls and then concludes with a full impression of Truman Capote, complete with costume, voice, and the juggling of scarves to the tune of Tea for Two… a funny and unique routine.

7. Part of his show includes dozens of unique balloon animals, which appeal to young and old alike, including the seldom seen, “Snoopy riding a motorcycle.”

8. He does plate spinning with a large metal plate ending with it spinning on a mouth stick and juggling at the same time.

9. He occasionally includes some songs and vocal impressions in his show including a few from the Broadway musical Barnum, in which he was asked to appear.

10. His circus skills include juggling hoops, riding the unicycle, and also a fine rolly/bolly routine, (the board on top of the cylinder). This last routine includes juggling on the rolly/bolly and finally passing a hoop completely around his body while balancing on the cylinder.

11. He has a totally unique routine, not performed by anyone else. It includes 4 metal squeeze horns of different notes which he takes out of a violin case and passes out to the audience. He proceeds to conduct the members of his new orchestra in playing the tune. This provides some wonderful comic moments between Alan and the audience. After the tune is finished, he collects the horns and proceeds to inform the audience that he is not only going to attempt to the play the tune all by himself, but he will play the tune while juggling the “honkers.” This routine is a real unique crowd pleaser.

12. He juggles fire torches and also a fire devil stick. It’s a real “hot” routine.

13. Usually he ends his show by juggling ping pong balls from his mouthwithout the use of his hands! It’s a great ending to a total entertainment package.


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There are other routines in which audience participation plays a large part. This is a show that appeals to young and old alike and one in which the whole family can watch, participate, and enjoy together.

Alan’s performance is clean, hilariously funny, and can be enjoyed by any audience and adapted to any product or occasion. His unique style of humor, audience participation and exceptional one-of-a-kind juggling keeps audiences thoroughly entertained.

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*Not all routines above are performed at every show.